When it comes to stopping the spread of disease, little is more important than disinfection.

At GermiShield, our team works fast to decontaminate high-contact and high-traffic areas to slow the spread of potential pathogens.

While many facilities may have cleaning staff on hand to regularly go over surfaces, thorough decontamination is essential for areas where illness can spread quickly, such as any care facility for children, ill individuals, and the elderly.

Sanitation is Vital

It does not take much to pass on bacteria from one host to another quickly. This can happen through skin-to-skin contact, such as a handshake, or even through droplets from the mouth when talking, the common cold, and other coronavirus illnesses such as COVID-19. 


GermiShield acts as your Service Resource & Partner and we pride ourselves in being a leading provider of infection prevention and decontamination of harmful bacteria & HAIs to public & private sector organizations in the Southeast Region.

GermiShield Environmental Service, Inc.

The Georgia Department of Public Health has listed some tips on preventing the spread of respiratory viruses, including frequently disinfecting surfaces and washing hands with soap often.

Colds and flu are not the only concerns. Other serious illnesses that can spread include MRS and H1N1; bacteria and fungi may also cause issues in susceptible individuals. Whenever an incident leaves someone's body fluid on a surface, that surface should be sanitized. The spread of germs can be a liability for property owners. That is where our professional cleaning services come into play.

What We Do

GermiShield does more than simply spray and wipe. We use specialized products such as MediShield, which includes a no-wipe, no-rinse formula that kills over 99.99% of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Our team is trained on proper disinfection protocols and safety as recommended by the CDC. Even if you have cleaning staff going over surfaces regularly, our decontamination service is the final step in fully eliminating harmful microorganisms.

When you call us, our team brings all of the necessary equipment and materials to do the job right. We go over the entire area that requires sanitization and ensure it is properly disinfected before we leave.

Our services may include:

  • Decontaminating surfaces and furniture using a two-part system of delivery with EPA registered and patented product
  • Evaluating results of our sanitization process
  • Training your staff on proper decontamination procedures

Who Benefits From Our Services?

We are able to service a variety of private and public facilities for almost any cleaning need, be it indoors or outdoors:

  • Airplanes: The bathrooms may be small, but they still need to be cleaned. We can help disinfect chairs, trays, and restrooms.
  • Commercial Buildings: Even if you have your own janitorial services, our team is happy to come in and help with deep sanitation to keep you compliant with any public health regulations.
  • Crime Scenes: We handle disinfection with sensitivity work with officials as needed through the cleanup process.
  • Daycares: We know how little ones can quickly share germs, which means daycare and preschool facilities require a lot of sanitization; we can help.
  • Gyms and Athletic Buildings: Proper cleaning of workout equipment and other surfaces is imperative to stop the spread of germs from one patron to another.
  • Homes: Our team handles mold cleanup and deodorization as well as vent cleaning. Deep disinfection of a home or apartment complex can help alleviate respiratory issues and aid in protecting immuno-compromised individuals.
  • Hospitals: Patients may go to hospitals to get better, but these facilities can also spread sickness unless biohazard equipment and surfaces are sanitized.
  • Senior Care Facilities: Elderly individuals are already at risk for illness, so senior care facilities should take extra cleaning precautions to keep their clients healthier.
  • Churches: Many people of all ages attend church and want to feel safe from illness and contamination. We are equipped to handle the decontamination necessary to clean pews, common areas, altars & other sacred areas where people congregate. 

Disinfection is Just a Call Away

When disinfection is needed, it usually needs to happen as quickly as possible. Contact GermiShield for training services at (334) 650-1353. We will work with you to make sure your facility gets cleaned in a timely manner.