Decontamination is the final level in the hierarchy of disinfection and this is where GermiShield is needed!!! We ensure all surface and instruments are free and clear of microscopic using EPA registered & patented compound and two-part delivery system. GermiShield is equipped to provide guidance, training & support for administrators and staff.

Our mission is to partner with public & private sector organizations to provide a cost-effective environmental friendly solution for indoor / outdoor disinfection and eradication of harmful bacteria and healthcare associated infections ( HAIs ).

At GermiShield it is our firm belief that having a set of Core Values is critical to our long term reputation & success. Our Core Values are the guiding principle that guides us as a company to ensure we are on the right path of fulfilling business goals

GermiShield Environmental Service, Inc. (GES) has become a leader in the elimination of germs and bacteria in the emergency response and environmental services field. Originating in Columbus, Georgia, our goal is to provide effective services with a focus on liability reduction for the client. As our company grows, The GES Team is committed to ensuring that your needs are met safely, legally, effectively, efficiently, and professionally.

GermiShield Environmental Service, Inc. (GES) is growing to meet the needs of its customers. GES now offers even more clean up services like bloodborne pathogens/crime scenes, meth labs, fecal matter, hoarding, fire restoration, flood restoration, Chinese drywall, anthrax, norovirus and more.  GES is certified/licensed in the state of Georgia.