Trauma and Crime Scene Cleanup

Playing the main role in a situation that includes biohazard cleanup is never pleasant. When the tenants are removed or the investigators are finished collecting the evidence they need to make a case for the crime committed, you are left with the cleanup. Not only is this hard for loved ones to handle because of how messy the situation could be, but it’s hard for loved ones to have to see the aftermath of a difficult situation.

GermiShield trauma and crime scene cleanup services ensure you don’t have to see or touch more than is necessary. With our quality cleaning services in Columbus, GA, your home or business will be restored to its original state.

The Biohazard Cleanup Process

At GermiShield, we have great respect for our clients dealing with traumatic situations. We make sure the job is done correctly with special measures, so there’s nothing left behind. Whether you’re dealing with a bloody attack, murder, suicide, or another similar incident, we leave nothing to the property owner.

Our trauma and crime scene cleanup process begins with setting up our site, including the transition area. This area is meant to store equipment that we’ll use during the remainder of the cleanup process. We always ensure the transition area is close enough for convenient access but far enough away that it will remain contaminant-free. After our PPE gear is on, including full bodysuits, hard hats, gloves, boots, eye protection, and full respirators, we’re ready to begin the following:

    1. Biocide Application – Biocides are meant to cut back on microorganisms that are active in the area. We apply it first to control the spread from the very beginning. We might also apply an odor control element.

    2. Material Removal – Anything that can be removed from the site will be removed from the site. This includes furniture, drapes, affected carpet, and even drywall if required. The structure of the building will remain intact unless it has also been affected. If so, we’ll make sure it’s safe for the structure before cutting it apart.

    3. Object Discarding – Some things will have to be discarded because cleaning is not possible. This would include upholsteries, carpets, carpet pads, rugs, and similar items that could soak in blood and bodily fluids.

    4. Detergent Cleaning – Our detergents contain ammonia, which acts as a stain remover for blood. Everything in the area that has been affected by the traumatic situation will be given a washdown with our quality detergent.

    5. Water Rinse – We always apply a second detergent, but the area needs to be rinsed with water first, so the two detergents don’t react to each other. After the area has been rinsed, we can see certain stains and other areas that might need a deeper cleaning.

    6. Solution Cleaning – Our second solution provides an extra layer of cleanliness, removing hard-to-remove stains and odors. We’ll work on the area until there aren’t any signs of the traumatic event left.

    7. Biocide Application – After the second solution has been applied, we’ll rinse with water again before applying another biocide. This is the most effective method for blood cleanup and other similar scenarios, as our biocide can disinfect 99.99% of bloodborne pathogens.

Some Things You Should Know About Putrefaction Sites

Not every trauma and crime scene cleanup job are the same. One might include human fecal matter, and another might include a lot of blood. Regardless, we always take every step necessary to make the site as clean as possible. In the case of putrefaction, or the decomposition of a human body, there are some things you should know.

  1. First, when a body decomposes on a floor, we often have to remove part of the subfloor after ripping out the carpet and carpet pad. In most cases, we cut six inches beyond where the contamination ends, just to be sure we get everything. If there’s a portion of the building structure that becomes a safety concern if removed, we’ll clean the area with the process listed above and use encapsulating paint to ensure you won’t end up with any odors.
  2. Second, we sometimes have to go the extra mile to cover up stubborn odors. After our regular cleaning process, we may use HEPA air filtration, thermal or wet fogging, a drying and dehumidification process, or our Ozone method. We also spray insecticides, as infestations are often present at putrefaction sites.
  3. Finally, we make sure all waste is removed and disposed of properly. Aside from everything being torn up, you would never sense a traumatic event took place in the area.
Returning to Your Property After the Cleanup Process

When all the cleaning and sanitizing is complete, our professionals employ an ATP test. This process takes just a few minutes and will show us if the area is completely clean. If the test doesn’t pass, we’ll head back in to determine what needs to be wrapped up.

When the test passes, we have a third-party independent testing company that will also conduct a test. Again, we’ll complete any other services needed if the test doesn’t pass. When the third party does conclude the area is cleaned properly, you will be able to return to your property.

You should also know that when we complete your crime scene cleanup, we document everything. The S540 Trauma Scene Standard requires documentation of every item we take from the area, every deviation we take from the cleanup process, and any alteration of the work we do. This helps to ensure we’ll pass all the tests and get the property ready for your return.

Getting Started With Trauma and Crime Scene Biohazard Cleanup Services

At GermiShield, we know how sensitive a situation can be when it includes a traumatic event or crime. You should never have to witness the mess yourself, and you should never have to clean it up on your own. Our meticulous cleaning professionals will get in there to ensure you won’t have to deal with anything after suffering what you have suffered.

When it comes to traumatic experiences, crimes, and other circumstances that result in biohazardous waste, GermiShield has understanding and empathy for your situation. You can feel confident in the services we provide, as we do so with safety and complete decontamination in mind. While you deal with the other aspects of what has happened, you can leave the dirty work to us. We’ll even work with your insurance company, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Contact GermiShield online or call (334) 650-1353 to speak with a representative so we can get the cleanup process started today in or near Columbus, GA.

Common Biohazard Cleanup Situations

When it comes to biohazard cleanup, the scenarios are limitless. One might automatically think of violent crimes and traumatic events such as murder and suicide, but we handle other biohazard situations as well. This includes sewage backups, bloody accidents, animal waste and remains, hoarding cleanup, accidental death cleanup, homicides, and many more.