Trauma and Crime Scene Cleanup

Dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic experience in Columbus, GA, can devastate a family. Once the police officers and detectives are done gathering evidence of the crime, the family is left to clean up the mess. This is not only difficult to deal with because of the severity of the mess but can be quite triggering as well. Family members have to see first hand what happened to their loved ones, which nobody should ever have to deal with. At Germishield, our crime scene cleanup services step in to take care of it for you.

One of the ways we show our sympathies for your loss is by offering the highest quality cleaning services available in the industry. We are so sorry you and your family members have had to deal with a crime, suicide, or other traumatic incidents, and we will do everything in our power to restore your home, business, car, or other property to its proper, clean form.

What Does Our Crime Scene Cleanup Service Look Like?

As soon as we are given access to a crime scene in or near Columbus, we take special measures to ensure the job gets done correctly. This includes murder and suicide sites, locations where bloody attacks occurred, sites where decomposed bodies were found, and sites where blood or human fecal matter is present. Some of our cleanup processes include demolition, waste removal, odor elimination, contamination avoidance, and more.

To begin, we set up the site properly. We always have a transition area. This is a site where we can store equipment and supplies that will be needed throughout the cleanup process. Our transition area is typically close by, though it is out of the way to avoid cross-contamination. We also avoid unaffected areas at all costs, so cross-contamination does not occur, even closing up those areas completely. Our professionals have full PPE gear each time they’re on site. This includes full bodysuits, full-face respirators, eye protection, hard hats, knee pads, gloves, boots, and antimicrobials (or biocides). Once the work area has been prepped, we begin the cleanup process:

  1. Applying a Biocide – To reduce the number of microorganisms active at the site, we apply a biocide before anything else. Depending on the circumstances, this might also include an odor control component.
  2. Removing Materials – Anything that has been affected by the crime, suicide, or other traumatic events will be removed from the site. Permanent fixtures, such as the building’s structure, will remain unless the situation requires they be removed, and it is safe for the structure for this to occur. Most upholsteries will not be cleanable so that these items will be discarded. The same is true for carpets, rugs, and carpet pads.
  3. Cleaning With Detergent – Our strong detergents are applied to everything affected by the situation. If blood cleanup is necessary, which it often is, the ammonia in our detergent takes action to remove the stains.
  4. Rinsing With Water – To avoid having our two cleaning solutions react to each other, we perform a clearwater rinse after the first detergent cleaning. This also gives us a good view of which stains might need additional attention.
  5. Cleaning With a Second Solution – Our second cleaning includes a solution that gets down to the details. We’ll make sure you don’t end up with any substances remaining at the trauma site. We also use an additional odor remover if there is still an odor issue.
  6. Rinsing Again – To ensure our second cleaning doesn’t react with the final biocide treatment, we rinse the area again with clearwater.
  7. Applying Another Biocide – Once all the cleanup is done, we apply another biocide appropriate for the site. Our biocides are registered EPA products and tested for disinfecting 99.99% of bloodborne pathogens. We’ll have the entire building vacated during and after the biocide application.
What Are Some Additional Steps?

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the crime scene, we may take additional steps to ensure the area is as clean as possible. If a body has decomposed at the site, it is known as a putrefaction site. These almost always require more steps:

  1. After the carpet and carpet pad have been removed, the affected subfloor might need to be removed and discarded. We generally cut six inches past the contaminated section of material just to be safe.
  2. If parts of the building structure cannot be removed due to safety reasons, we clean and paint those areas with an encapsulating paint that traps any odors that may have stuck around.
  3. Any cleanup jobs that are particularly odorous will include source removal, our regular detailed cleaning process, and a combination of one or more:
    · HEPA Air Filtration
    · Ozone
    · Thermal Fogging
    · Wet Fogging
    · Drying and Dehumidification
  4. At many putrefaction sites, insects are present at some point. We spray insecticides to take care of the issue.
  5. We remove all waste, treating and disposing of it as we would any other biohazards.
When Are Residents Cleared To Return?

At some point after the crime scene cleanup process, the residents or tenants of the building will be cleared to return to it in Columbus. Before this can happen, we employ an ATP test. It only takes a few minutes, and if it shows we still have work to do, we’ll return to clean it up. If the area passes the test, we have an independent third party complete a final verification. If the test fails, we again go back in to take care of the issue. As soon as the third party approves the cleanup’s final verification, the residents or tenants are allowed back into the building.

Contacting the Professionals To Clean Up a Traumatic Scene

When someone experiences a traumatic event that includes crime or suicide, there is often a mess the loved ones don’t want to deal with. The good news is they don’t have to. At GermiShield, we are meticulous at crime and trauma cleanup services, ensuring the victim’s family members have as little to deal with as possible. In addition to getting the site clean, we ensure it is decontaminated.

In accordance with the S540 Trauma Scene Standard, all of the work we do at GermiShield is documented, including documentation of every object removed from the scene. If we have to deviate from our regular processes, that is documented, and if we alter any type of work we do, it will also be noted.

We care that our customers have all the information they need to ensure the site was cleaned properly and thoroughly. With understanding, empathy, safety, and decontamination, you can feel confident our crime scene cleanup services are complete. We realize you have other issues to deal with right now, so we take care of the hard work and work directly with your insurance company. Contact GermiShield online or call (334) 650-1353 to speak with a representative so we can get the cleanup process started today in or near Columbus, GA.